Professional Nail Salon Denbighshire

Great place for a manicure when you need to look your very best

Here at Hair Culture Nail Salon Denbighshire, our main aim is to bring you high quality nail treatments using the best products, to give you a luxurious, relaxed and stress-free pamper.
What’s more, in addition to giving you the best results whether you step into our store for a manicure, or pedicure,  we want your experience of visiting Hair Culture to be one that will relax you and put you in a state-of-mind that can offer you a haven from the stress and pressures of everyday living.

Nail Prices

File and polish

Fingers or toes


Luxury manicure (Inc scrub,massage and mask)


Luxury pedicure by Jessica Zenspa

This state of the art pedicure system cleanses and exfoliates dry, dull skin cells and rejuvenates skin to a healthier, softer condition.
from £28.50

Acrylic nail extensions

from £25.00

Bio sculpture Colour overlay


Bio sculpture Toes


Bio sculpture Removal (Using biosculpture remover and vitamins)


Bio sculpture Removal and re-gel


Bio full set of sculptured nails (to add length)

£32.00 including FREE colour